Walking our path

We all have a path to walk, ours alone. The challenges we face, the success in our lives, help us become the person we are meant to become.
As we live our lives, we may not have many problems, life runs smoothly, and then again, our friend or neighbour may have challenges that seem insurmountable to us.
We all have a road to walk that has been designed for us and by us, lessons to learn, people to meet, choices to make.
When something challenges us, or an issue seems to big to handle, one of the first questions people ask is “why me” why do I need to experience this? The answer may be, this was needed to help you grow, to learn patience, to become more vocal, to help you come out of your shell, to take you on a different path, to learn about love.
Life is a beautiful thing, filled with problems, with love, with pain, but, it helps us become a better person, not so we can be a “nice” person but a person who is growing on a path that leads to more adventures, with issues that with growth we can handle better.