We are magnets for what we attract into our lives. We hear this all the time, we read about it, people lecture on it. This magnetic field draws to us the things we resonate with. Yes, we need to be positive for our health and mindset, Our thoughts and what we feel is always important, it is better to be more positive than negative, thinking positive helps us to feel good about ourselves and draw good energy to us. But.. what if this theory is not entirely correct ? What if trying to attract material things does not work the way it has been described? . We have what we have or we are given what is required to walk the path we must walk in this life, Is it possible people who suddenly get rich or win that house by the ocean, were going to get that abundance anyway, Simply because it was meant to be. My theory is we all have Karmic Debts, issues in life that need to be worked out from lifetime to lifetime with family members, co-workers, partners, issues from another life which has to be balanced in our current one, to allow us to fulfil our destiny. I work with many people who, once patterns and issues from past lives have been addressed and healed, attract much better situations into their lives.
By choosing to heal or address any issues we may have, positive energy is then able to help us move forward as all blockages are released. Rather than being stuck on a negative merry go round.