Relaxation Hypnosis

Relaxation Hypnosis

Life is busy, filled with deadlines, commitments and must-dos. Even if we thrive on living at such a fast pace of life, the constant state of physical and mental high alert that results can take its toll on our minds and bodies, influencing how we feel, what we think and, ultimately, how we behave.

Stress, in the form of pressure, can be useful. It can focus the mind, improve motivation and, ultimately, lead to goal attainment. In this positive light it tends to be referred to as ‘ustress’. But, excessive pressure over prolonged periods of time can lead to stress and feelings of distress.

Individual’s body responses to stress/pressure (the fight and flight response) tend to vary, but typically people are left feeling physically tense, unable to sleep or unwind, out of control, feeling helpless, unable to cope and vulnerable to ill-health. Often emotions, perceptions of self-confidence and feelings of self-worth are also negatively affected, ultimately influencing choices and behaviour. Ability to work, relationships and quality of life in general tend to be impaired.

Relaxation is nature’s great restorer. By simply relaxing, we can go a long way towards counteracting the negative side effects of our hectic lives. Whether feeling stressed, under pressure, tense or tired, or simply in need of a bit of luxury, we could all benefit from allowing ourselves to relax more.

Relaxation hypnosis is a fast, effective and enduring way of achieving all the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of deep relaxation.

Generally speaking, hypnosis, as used within clinical hypnotherapy, involves the induction of a deeply relaxed physical and mental state, a state in which the critical faculties of the mind are temporarily suspended. But relaxation hypnosis goes that little bit further. It focuses exclusively on counteracting those negative physical, emotional and cognitive side effects of worry, stress and tension.

Relaxation hypnosis uses positive suggestion to progressively relax the physical body, encouraging waves of warm comfort to flow through the body, soothing, smoothing, releasing and relieving tired, tight muscles; relaxing the body from head to toe.

Direct positive suggestions guide the body’s internal mechanisms to effortlessly slow and regulate breathing and heart rate, to allow stress hormones to subside, body organs to work effectively, and to stimulate the body’s natural immune system.

Visual imagery is a vital part of the relaxation process. It encourages and deepens relaxation, using the power and creativity of the imagination to divert attention away from negative thinking, providing tranquil rest and sanctuary for the mind.

Beneficial post-hypnotic suggestions (constructive, often therapeutic suggestions given to a person whilst in a state of hypnosis, that are carried out post hypnosis) are also made, for remaining calm, peaceful and relaxed even after the relaxation hypnosis session is over


  • It felt like visiting an old friend when I came to see you, to be able to talk to someone without feeling I was on a timer, helped me relax, which helped me get to the bottom of the problem.Mt. Tamborine
  • I appreciated so much the care and understanding you gave me with my shingles. Having to look at why they were there wasnt pleasant, but necessary. Thank you
  • My leg is still good, thank you so very much for doing what you do, it is truly amazing. I ran around after 1 husband, 2 kids and still no soreness. Next trip I do to Brisbane I am coming to visit you for another session. I wasn?t confident telling people... I had Hypnotherapy. Thanks again. You are really talented. Best of luckWendy Mildura
  • Being a smoker for 30 years, I thought it was time to try and give the cigarettes up.Having had a session with you, I no longer feel the desire for cigarettes, and my health is so much better, more energy and I am losing weight.Keep up the good work.Peter Mt Cotton
  • Thank you for a wonderful session, having ulcers for years, I am finally pain free and by addressing the real issue, feel I will stay this way for a long time.Mary-Ann , Sunshine Coast
  • I have been suffering from depression for so long, and feeling no one understood me, after 2 sessions with you I feel like a new person, I relate better to my family, and am not in a dark place anymore. I feel you really do care about people and try to get to the problem, your genuine sincerity shows through, and I felt really comfortable.Jared , Capalaba
  • The experience with you was truly amazing, it was a one off, I would not have wanted to miss it. Each session I felt I had put another milestone behind me. Thank you AgainJuile Nambour
  • The sessions were such a wonderful experience, simply one off. i feel like I have put another milestone behind me. I thank you very much and will look back on the sessions with joy, and I wish you much happiness knowing that what you do works.Joan Nambour
  • Ok so I admit to being a little sceptical to begin with but as always am happy to be open minded. Thanks to you Terri, I now have a far better understanding of why I think & feel the way I do. My eyes & mind have been opened. Past life stuff is very liberating & now I feel confident that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your gift.Wendy Mildura
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