The Power of Love

It seems the art of loving ourselves and others is still a big block when it comes to healing, from my experience of helping people heal, so much pain can be created by the lack of belief of this very important emotion. On a conscious level, we may believe that we love ourselves and are happy with our place in life. Deep down however, this may not be the case. Being in the healing field for a long time now, I see people daily who have created painful issues, because at some level, the belief that they are unworthy or not good enough to be loved is at their core belief. From my understanding, and trust me we can carry beliefs over from lifetime to lifetime, we can create punishment for ourselves, by believing we are not good enough, or have let people down, or are not deserving, at the depth of our soul is the believe we are not lovable. Sometimes it can be taken further as i delve into the emotional maze of a person, where there has been punishment issues that the self has inflicted on the body, it can be a rash, a stomach problem, a problem with pain, all created emotionally, to wake the person up, to get them to look at what is happening, or how I put it, what needs to be healed. Then, we can stop the process from repeating itself, and move forward. To explain this better, we all need to be loved and know that is forthcoming, how many books do Mills and Boons sell? from people wanting romance or love in their lives, to be swept away with knowing they are adored, how many times do we need reassurance that we are O. K. as humans ? That we have done a good job and are valued. ? That someone out there cares, This sometimes is at the base of an issue, an illness that has been created. I see this often.