My Journey

This is to share some information about me, and how I walk my path. I originally came from a country area, after marriage I travelled a bit, always had an interest in unusual enterprises, things that were considered different, I loved reading books on the Bermuda Triangle, God drives a flying saucer, I have always felt that there is so much we don’t know, my interest in hypnotherapy was piqued too, but my interest in these things was moved to the back of my mind as I got on with the business and responsibility of marriage and children. It wasn’t until my 3rd child was born, that things began to change, He seemed wheezy all the time, and underweight, but doctor’s assured us there was nothing wrong, could be asthma, but they would monitor that. He was 18 months old when he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, our lives were turned upside down, with what this meant. So began the roundabout of hospitals, medication and physiotherapy, as this became a normal way of life, and we settled into a routine, I started to question how life worked, yes, I believed in God, no never believed in hell, and had left organised religions. I started to ask questions about life and death, how did God choose to let one child live and one child die? It was fine to say well that’s God’s choice, to have one child grow up and experience life, university, marriage, life, and the other got to go where? To Heaven, surely it got boring sitting around on a fluffy cloud playing a harp ! Was there more?

So began my search for answers which took me to studying Catholicism, Buddhism, listening to Jehovah Witness, Spiritualism, to name a few, nothing resonated with my heart centre. It wasn’t until I connected with a lady who set me on a path of self-healing of looking at myself and inside not outside. i started reading books by Caroline Myss and Louise Hay and did many courses in this time, slowly, and as I don’t believe in accidents, I believe we all have some “people” for want of a better word who help us on the other side of life, I became more interested in patterns and how we allow ourselves to become ill, at a deeper subconscious level of course, it is not like we would want to make ourselves sick consciously, but our thoughts, patterns and belief systems, can bring this about. I had to start with self healing, with looking at my patterns from my childhood, and healing myself, there are people that say, things are just the way they are people can’t change, but they can, we can grow and become better people and as we grow and look at our patterns, watch our health issues disappear. I became interested in past lives and how it all tied together with this life, and dragged out old hypnotherapy books. I loved the fact that hypnotherapy could bring about a faster healing for a person, where finding patterns and helping the person heal was like peeling an onion, layer after layer. Then came more study, and courses with Dolores Cannon, a well-known regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher. There was such a strong push from my heart use her technique, and this is what lets me know me if I am on the right path, as with all courses I have done. I believe you must really want to help people heal and work from your heart to do this kind of work, and my greatest pleasure comes from a client that overcomes the issues in their life.

Changing and growing and becoming the people we were meant to become is so important, but not always easy, it takes guts to look at your life and dig around, some people will not want to do this and that’s fine, others will, we are what we are.

Incidentally, my son with Cystic Fibrosis, who was not expected to get to school age is now 29, as with all of our children, we are blessed to have watched them grow, all with their own patterns and skills, but that is their path to walk. I continue to walk my path and learn and grow each day. Had my life have been different I may not have searched for answers and may not have taken this path.


  • It felt like visiting an old friend when I came to see you, to be able to talk to someone without feeling I was on a timer, helped me relax, which helped me get to the bottom of the problem.Mt. Tamborine
  • I appreciated so much the care and understanding you gave me with my shingles. Having to look at why they were there wasn’t pleasant, but necessary. Thank you
  • My leg is still good, thank you so very much for doing what you do, it is truly amazing. I ran around after 1 husband, 2 kids and still no soreness. Next trip I do to Brisbane I am coming to visit you for another session. I wasn?t confident telling people... I had Hypnotherapy. Thanks again. You are really talented. Best of luckWendy Mildura
  • Being a smoker for 30 years, I thought it was time to try and give the cigarettes up.Having had a session with you, I no longer feel the desire for cigarettes, and my health is so much better, more energy and I am losing weight.Keep up the good work.Peter Mt Cotton
  • Thank you for a wonderful session, having ulcers for years, I am finally pain free and by addressing the real issue, feel I will stay this way for a long time.Mary-Ann , Sunshine Coast
  • I have been suffering from depression for so long, and feeling no one understood me, after 2 sessions with you I feel like a new person, I relate better to my family, and am not in a dark place anymore. I feel you really do care about people and try to get to the problem, your genuine sincerity shows through, and I felt really comfortable.Jared , Capalaba
  • The experience with you was truly amazing, it was a one off, I would not have wanted to miss it. Each session I felt I had put another milestone behind me. Thank you AgainJuile Nambour
  • The sessions were such a wonderful experience, simply one off. i feel like I have put another milestone behind me. I thank you very much and will look back on the sessions with joy, and I wish you much happiness knowing that what you do works.Joan Nambour
  • Ok so I admit to being a little sceptical to begin with but as always am happy to be open minded. Thanks to you Terri, I now have a far better understanding of why I think & feel the way I do. My eyes & mind have been opened. Past life stuff is very liberating & now I feel confident that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your gift.Wendy Mildura
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