For many years I did not understand the concept of “letting go”, people would explain their own version of what this meant for them but, hard as I tried, I could not make it work for me, until you get something, you don’t get it, as the saying goes. When I focused on what I thought letting go meant, or felt I was managing it, I would get side tracked and be lost again. Other people seemed to  understand it so well, why didn’t I get it?

It took many years of patience on the side of the Universe to gently guide me to  understand this Letting Go! to understand what it means for me. Simply put, it is acceptance, accepting what is at all times, you see, there is a plan that has been mapped out for us all, we just have to follow it, I know things are not always the way we want, life seems to turn upside down sometimes, but, in accepting what has been handed to us without fighting every step of the way, a higher power can step in and help make it a little better. A simple explanation is, if we can see ourselves as a leaf floating down the river, we can fight, toss and turn, scream and yell,but we will still flow down the river, So, if we flow down the river calm and accepting that this is where we are meant to be, we will get to where we are going with out being worn out wrecks at the end of the journey.    Terri