Not many of us understand we can create our own pain, not intentionally but, subconsciously. It is not something we think about, none of us go about our day thinking ” I am going to create a whole heap of pain today” So, let me explain how it happens. We are ruled by our emotions,  yep! it all happens emotionally, every time we get hurt, or feel an injustice has been done to us, when people close to us say unkind words, when we feel that hit in our solar plexus or sacral chakra, we have the ability to create pain, in our bodies.If we continue to ignore, or push our feelings down with out resolving the issue, we may leave our bodies open to disease, disease comes from a place of pain, that has not been healed, sometimes it comes from our childhood, sometimes from another life, but if we do not heal the problem, we carry it on, until it is healed.

I always feel that illness in our bodies is a good gage for where we are emotionally, where we have gone off track, from a rash, to a broken arm,  to creating much more serious issues. I have watched with clients and have seen where sexual abuse and physical abuse can lead us. as time goes by.

We get so busy with life, trying to make a good impression, trying to be seen to be the best,to hide our pain and struggle to live in society, how we believe we “should”. Eventually, our bodies start to react to the hidden anger, remembered pain from long ago, this can be how we create disease in our bodies, so, learn to heal, learn to deal with emotional pain, with out using drugs, alcohol or using our fists. Something to think about.