Being kind…
Sometimes, the world around us becomes so busy, we get lost in our work, trying to get the kids ready for school, needing to get things done for work, deadlines, cleaning the house, cooking, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of spare time.
Sometimes, we forget to be kind, I know we all try to be kind, but, with our brains on overdrive, we are rushing here and there. The car in front of us is driving to slow, the people in the shopping centre are moving as if they are on holidays, because we are in a hurry. The shop assistant isn’t serving us fast enough.
All the while, we are impatient, trying to fit everything in, that is on the list, in our brain. We forget about other people, and what is going on in their lives, they don’t have the busy life that you do, or so we imagine. But, they do, everyone has their own path to walk, work, kid, home. Their dreams, their goals. That person we push past at the supermarket, may be in a daze, because they have had bad news. Or they may have been fired from a job they love.
My point is, as hard as it is, we must try to be kind to people around us, there is always someone worse off than us, who may just need someone to smile at them to brighten their day. Let’s think, before we push in front of that person, or beep our horn, to show our impatience, or throw people dirty looks because we are in a hurry. This world moves so fast now, and we have become a nation of self-absorbed people, we just need to be kinder to people around us.