About Me


About Me

For many years I have worked with the principle of the mind creating illness in the body. From as far back as childhood, we carry so many hurts, injustices, abuse, both mental and physical, sometimes our parents were hurt as children, and could only pass on what they took as “normal” in their lives.

All our emotional pain gets trapped in our bodies, at cell level, and surfaces as illness or imbalance, or we create patterns, that keep us stuck, or stop us from moving forward.

I work with people with various modalities from kidney problems to infertility. A lot of these problems can be traced back to childhood or past life issues that have carried over to this life. I also work with people who wish to give up smoking and with weight loss which can be linked to deeper issues, or patterns.


We all have belief systems that shape our lives, in other words patterns that are developed at a subconscious level, the deepest part of us. These belief systems allow us to attract into our lives what we think we deserve or what matches our belief system. For a lot of us, we are unaware of this operating in our lives, a lot of our patterns are linked to how we grew up, what people influenced our lives, how we were taught, how much love we were shown. What we think about money is a pattern, if we have enough, or never enough, our relationships are shaped by these beliefs too, the kind of people we attract into our lives. Some of these beliefs will have carried over from another life, where a belief system has been started and may repeat itself from lifetime to lifetime, until the issue is resolved, or it has been healed.

In walking my path I have been fortunate to learn techniques taught by Dolores Cannon and Rick Collingwood, and have studied clinical hypnotherapy. I have Australian and American Accreditation.