About change..
It seems we all want to strive to bring about change in our lives, but, don’t always know how, we all want to better ourselves and work towards a better future. As humans we are meant to grow, to raise our vibration. Healing old patterns and belief systems helps us achieve this. By removing old patterns and problems that keep us from being happy, we heal what issues we have been carrying around that stop life from working for us.
For some reason we tend to fear change, we are creatures of habit, so, when something goes wrong in our life or right, if it means change we fear it taking us out of our comfort zone. So, we need to embrace change. Healing is a way of changing old ways, being willing to say “I need help,” or ” I don’t know why I feel this way” be willing to look for different avenues of healing, think outside the box, we are meant to be the best we can be, so grow, don’t worry what other people think, do what makes you happy and above all else heal.