How many of us, who are mothers go through so much pain and anguish for our children? At times our children are not aware of the pain inside us as we struggle to make sure they are fed, clothed and educated, and trying to make sure they grow into good responsible adults. Basically, they are not aware of how much we love them, it is a given, as it should be. A mother’s love is unconditional, she is always there, and at times we may experience episodes when we feel forgotten, then there will be a phone call, needing us, or just to say hello, and we forget how alone we as mother’s had felt. How many of us hide the tears from our children? allowing them to believe that all is perfect in our world. If there is pain in their world, we try to erase it, offer all the advice we can, then let them make their own choices, believing we have guided them to an age where they can make the ┬áchoices that are correct for them. We watch our children grow into adulthood, watching them make decisions that don’t seem that sound, knowing they will learn from their mistakes. How blessed are we to be mother’s.