Being Kind

Being kind… Sometimes, the world around us becomes so busy, we get lost in our work, trying to get the kids ready for school, needing to get things done for work, deadlines, cleaning the house, cooking, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of spare time. Sometimes, we forget to be kind, I know we […]

Creating Pain

Not many of us understand we can create our own pain, not intentionally but, subconsciously. It is not something we think about, none of us go about our day thinking ” I am going to create a whole heap of pain today” So, let me explain how it happens. We are ruled by our emotions, […]

Letting Go

For many years I did not understand the concept of “letting go”, people would explain their own version of what this meant for them but, hard as I tried, I could not make it work for me, until you get something, you don’t get it, as the saying goes. When I focused on what I […]

walking our path

Walking our path We all have a path to walk, ours alone. The challenges we face, the success in our lives, help us become the person we are meant to become. As we live our lives, we may not have many problems, life runs smoothly, and then again, our friend or neighbour may have challenges that […]

Thank you

Message Body: Have you ever been at a stage in your life and felt you couldn’t cope? Ever felt that you are not good enough? Ever felt that nothing is good in your life and feel like you are only destined for the same path over and over? Tried councillors, psychologists to deal with abuse, […]

About Change

About change.. It seems we all want to strive to bring about change in our lives, but, don’t always know how, we all want to better ourselves and work towards a better future. As humans we are meant to grow, to raise our vibration. Healing old patterns and belief systems helps us achieve this. By […]

A Mother’s Love

How many of us, who are mothers go through so much pain and anguish for our children? At times our children are not aware of the pain inside us as we struggle to make sure they are fed, clothed and educated, and trying to make sure they grow into good responsible adults. Basically, they are […]

my journey

My Journey This is to share some information about me, and how I walk my path. I originally came from a country area, after marriage I travelled a bit, always had an interest in unusual enterprises, things that were considered different, I loved reading books on the Bermuda Triangle, God drives a flying saucer, I […]